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Episode 144: American Dames

The Dames spend some time discussing current events, including the insurrection at the Capitol, how analysis of film and media is not only important but necessary to understand the cultural zeitgeist, and whether or not Parasite is "odd."

Episode 143: Wonder Dame 1984

We're ringing in 2021 with an in-depth (and spoilery) discussion of Wonder Woman 1984. Topics include:
  • Why the film is so much better and deeper than a lot of people want to think it is
  • Body swapping and consent
  • How long is too long to pine for Chris Pine?
  • Barbara and Diana and the relationship we never got to see
  • Is Pedro Pascal's Maxwell Lord the greatest movie villain ever?
  • And more!

Episode 142: The Dames’ Christmas Carol

The Dames close out the holiday season discussing our favorite holiday movies, with some lesser known ones suggested by our listeners! Plus:

  • Why the ending of The Baby Yoda Show was (kinda) dumb
  • Karen's favorite holiday film about a suicide hotline
  • Danny Kaye: Hot or Hottest?

Happy Holidays everyone!

Bonus: ‘Mank’ Review (Excerpt)

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We have a bonus bonus this month! Even though Mank didn't win the poll, we decided to review it anyway and tell you allllll our thoughts about David Fincher's latest film. There WILL be spoilers, so you might want to watch the film first and then listen to what we have to say about it.

Episode 141: Silent Night, Deadly Dames

In our latest episode, the Dames discuss Christmas horror films, including:


Episode 140: Is this a Christmas Movie?

Posted by citizendame in News and Discussion, podcast
This week! The Dames discuss the Death of Cinema (again!) with the Warner/HBOMax plan for 2021.
And! We address the great controversy: is this a Christmas movie? Titles include: Die Hard Gremlins, Batman Returns, Bridget Jones's Diary, Home Alone, It's a Wonderful Life and more!

Episode 139: Happiest Dame

Posted by citizendame in podcast, film noir

This week!

We have a spoilerific chat about the Hulu original that's sweeping the nation: Happiest Season. (Time stamp included if you haven't seen it yet!)


We conclude Noirvember with a riveting discussion of all things neo-noir, from Chinatown to Devil in a Blue Dress to Brick, and so many more.

Bonus: The Long Goodbye

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For this month's bonus episode, we dive into Robert Altman's neo noir, The Long Goodbye, which stars Elliot Gould as Raymond Chandler's iconic PI, Phillip Marlowe.


Episode 138: The Maltese Dame

The Dames carry on with Noirvember, talking about the quintessential noir star, Humphrey Bogart! 

We cover his early films, relationship with Lauren Bacall, great leading ladies, performances as Sam Spade and Phillip Marlowe, and why Bogie, among all the stars of noir, remains the most iconic. 

Episode 137: Les Dames Françaises

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This week, the Dames kick off our Noirvember slate with a riveting discussion of French noir! From Elevator to the Gallows to Le Cercle Rouge, we're talking about the best (and not best) of films, directors, and stars. Plus we got some great listener questions!

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