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Episode 7: Merchandising Movie Heroines, the Winchester Mystery House, and Reviews

Posted on October 31st, 2017

Welcome back to Citizen Dame. For episode 7, we are reunited! This week, Karen, Kristen, Lauren, and Kimberly are talking about:

  • It has been 2 days since an allegation against a major Hollywood player! (Just kidding...This episode was recorded prior to us finding out that Kevin Spacey now belongs to the ever-growing list of Garbage People.)
  • Logan directed James Mangold is planning a spinoff about Laura/X-23 because Wonder Woman FINALLY proves movies with female leads can make money!
  • Why companies suck at merchandising and marketing movie heroines
  • Ben Mendelsohn is in talks to play the villain in Captain Marvel
  • Zachary Levi will play Shazam!
  • Trailers for:
    • Phantom Thread, from Paul Thomas Anderson
    • Winchester, starring Helen Mirren

Plus reviews of:

  • Suburbicon
  • Stranger Things 2
  • The Divine Order

Plus, Karen weighs in on some topics she missed last week, including which Tom she would kill, and her true feelings about Armie Hammer.

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