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Episode 28: Ready Player Dame

Posted on April 5th, 2018

Welcome back to Citizen Dame! The Dames return for their regularly scheduled show to talk about all manner of things good, bad, and Ready Player One


This week, the Dames discussed:

  • Alex Proyas defends Terry Gilliam
  • No charges for Academy President, John Bailey
  • Catherine Breillat has some words for Jessica Chastain and Asia Argento
  • Tessa Thompson joins Chris Hemsworth in Men in Black
  • Justine Bateman makes her directorial debut
  • Ben Affleck responds about the Back Tattoo
  • Colin Trevorrow will be back to direct Jurassic World 3
  • Chaos on the set of Solo
  • Steven Spielberg says Netflix movies aren't Oscar contenders
    • Terminal
  • WIth Amazon not selling the Blu of Last Jedi and Disney pushing the digital release are we seeing the end of Blu-Rays? What would convince you to go fully digital?
  • The Dames review Ready Player One

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