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Episode 110: Don’t Go There

The Dames continue their quarantine episodes with discussions of fun things, like:

  • Netflix's Tiger King
  • Kino Marquee and supporting your local arthouse cinema
  • More Women's History Month shenanigans
  • And favorite isolation movies!

You can access Kino Marquee via your local arthouse or go here:

Episode 108: The Dame Vanishes

The good thing about having a podcast is you can social distance and still record! Everything is scary, but there things that happened this week that are actually good. 

Episode 106: Harvey Weinstein is a Convicted Rapist


The Dames would like to say that Harvey Weinstein is a convicted rapist, as he's found guilty, guilty, guilty in New York.

Plus, they spend some time on:

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Episode 101: Fantabulous End of Year Extravaganza of Awesomeness

On this very special year-end episode of Citizen Dame, we cover: our favorite movies, performances, scripts, new thirst discoveries, underrated films, and many, many more! Listen in for our Totally Objective discussion in which we are right about everything. It's the only 2019 film list you need. 

To all our listeners and patrons: thank you so much for your continued support. We appreciate you all so much, and we look forward to bringing you some awesome stuff in the coming year!

Episode 100: Dames - Answer the Call

It's the 100th Episode of Citizen Dame! The Dames welcome back Kimberly Pierce and Kristen Lopez to talk about 100 episodes, plus:
  • Ghostbusters: Afterlife and why men need to calm the eff down
  • Mel Brooks says Jojo Rabbit is fantastic
  • Throwback to our “most anticipated” lists!
  • Favorite films that went under the radar this year
  • The ultimate Garbage Man! 
Here's to 100 more episodes! 

Episode 98: The Dames Adopt Baby Yoda

The Dames returns to discuss all things Baby Yoda! Also, less important, groundbreaking things like:

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Episode 96: Doctor Dame

The Dames are back to discuss the Weirdest Timeline:

We Review Doctor Sleep, Terminator Dark Fate, and Last Christmas

Plus Listener Questions! 

Episode 94: DameDame Rabbit

This week, the Dames discuss a variety of topics, including: 


  • Listener questions
  • Why Ari Aster's Midsommar is a shallow husk

And we review the latest from visionistical director Taika Waititi: Jojo Rabbit! 

Episode 92: Portrait of a Dame on Fire

This week, the Dames discuss many fun things, including:
Plus, we review:
  • Judy
  • Portrait of a Lady on Fire
  • Pain and Glory
And Karen's first reaction to Jojo Rabbit!

Episode #89: Dame Filmmakers Month

We're back! This week, the Dames discuss:


  • The Black Christmas trailer
  • Listener questions!

And some more thoughts on IT: Chapter 2!

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