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The podcast for feminists who love film, brought to you by two female critics who want to broaden the conversation.

Episode 136: Dames for Democracy

The Dames celebrate and discuss the outcome of the 2020 election, because whatever, we do what we want. Also!

  • Johnny Depp has "resigned" from Fantastic Beasts
  • Karen has FINALLY seen The Great British Baking Show
  • We love Canada, all tucked away down there
  • Discussions of His House, The Raven, and Beau Travail 


Episode 134: The Red Dame Kills Seven Times

The Dames teach a class in blood, boobs, and Giallo 101! Including

  • Why giallo is such a weird and influential genre
  • The masters of the genre, Argento and Bava and NO ONE ELSE
  • Giallo's issues with misogyny, homophobia, and exploitation
  • The influence of the giallo on contemporary horror
  • All the many awesome titles attached to less-than-awesome films
  • Why Suspiria is still the best ever

Episode 132: The Dame From Another World

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The Dames cover monster movies, ghost stories, alien features, and...big thingie movies. 

Episode 130: The Dames Meet Frankenstein

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The Dames discuss a fave horror subgenre: Horror-comedy!
In this episode:
  • Why do we love horror-comedy?
  • Does a horror-comedy have to be scary?
  • Where does the Scream franchise fall in this subgenre?
  • Plus: discussions of Young Frankenstein, The Fearless Vampire Killers, Slumber Party Massacre, The Cat and the Canary, and many more!

Episode 129: Dame Diana Rigg

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Welcome back! This week we're talking:

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Episode 126: The Dames Go West

The Dames discuss the Most American Genre: the Western! This episode includes:

  • The history of the Western
  • Western tropes
  • Subgenres galore!
  • The weird relationship between Japan and the American Western
  • Why The Searchers is really good and also really not-good
  • Blazing Saddles!
  • And Johnny Guitar's challenge against toxic masculinity

Episode 124: Expressionist Dames

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The Dames dive into the twisted world of German Expressionism! This episode includes:

  • German Expressionism: WTF is it?
  • A discussion of the major filmmakers, films, and cinematographers of the movement. 
  • The long history of Expressionism and how it still shapes and influences the films of today. 

Episode 122: The Baby Yoda Show!

This week, the Dames discuss the most important topics, including:

Plus: Listener questions!

Episode 120: The Dames Undergo Emotional Whiplash

This week, the Dames discuss any manner of bad (and good!) things, including the return (sigh) of the Garbage Men:

Plus Listener Questions and What We've Been Watching!

Episode 118: Studio Dames

The Dames are covering the Studio System and the Golden Age of Hollywood this week, including:
  • The Big Five
  • The Paramount Case and anti-trust laws (1948)
  • The 1950s and the further decline of the system into the independent era
  • Important genres: film noir, horror, melodrama, prestige pictures
  • Star personas! 
  • Female filmmakers during the system
  • Some lesser known essentials of the era

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