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The podcast for feminists who love film, brought to you by two female critics who want to broaden the conversation.

Episode 165: Dame on the Fourth of July

The Dames have a lot to unpack in this episode, including:

Episode 157: Wild Mountain Dames

The Dames return for a grab-bag episode of stupid men, awesome women, and Jamie Dornan thinking he's a bee. 

Episode 153: Dames on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown

The Dames spend some time this week discussing what constitutes a feminist film, including whether or not male directors can make them. Plus:

Episode 148: Dame of the Nineties

The Dames spend this week talking about how Joss Whedon is even more of a Garbage Person than we originally imagined, how Britney Spears was done wrong by the media, and how Mae West threatened patriarchy so much, they had to make up an entire code of censorship to stop her.

Links about Whedon's terribleness: 

Episode 141: Silent Night, Deadly Dames

In our latest episode, the Dames discuss Christmas horror films, including:


Episode 120: The Dames Undergo Emotional Whiplash

This week, the Dames discuss any manner of bad (and good!) things, including the return (sigh) of the Garbage Men:

Plus Listener Questions and What We've Been Watching!

Episode 108: The Dame Vanishes

The good thing about having a podcast is you can social distance and still record! Everything is scary, but there things that happened this week that are actually good. 

Episode 106: Harvey Weinstein is a Convicted Rapist


The Dames would like to say that Harvey Weinstein is a convicted rapist, as he's found guilty, guilty, guilty in New York.

Plus, they spend some time on:

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Episode 104: Complicated Dames

This week, the Dames return to discuss all manner of topics, including:

Episode 103: Little Dames

Greetings! Here's what we're talking about this week:

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